Friday, June 20, 2008

Jacob's first day of school 6-16-08

Jacob started school at Chesterbrook Academy this week. Sounds pretty fancy doesn't it. Truly he is just hanging out playing with the other infants. I guess the first day he was hugging one of the other little girls. Already a ladies man!

Look close at my two little teeth!!!

Playing with Ms. Bonnie and the other kids

First Father's Day

Jason enjoyed a relaxing first Father's Day. No big plans, just a day of relaxing with Jacob and of course a steak dinner!

Nanna and Poppop Visit Chicago 6-10-08

Nanna and Poppop spent the week with Jacob and Jason while I attended training for my new job in Florida.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Jacob Carl is Baptized June 1, 2008

This weekend Jacob was baptized. Father Dan, who married Jason and I, resided over the private ceremony at St. Stephen's in Grand Island NY. Father Dan gave a beautiful homily about the name and history of Jacob. As many babies do, Jacob started to cry, until we stopped the ceremony and fed him... a full bottle. Once he was fed to his satisfaction, we continued the service which was beautiful. Afterwards, we celebrated at the Pratt's.